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Our Wiccan black salts have all been hand made by us using only pure natural ingredients & botanicals. 


How are they made? 


We have included Dead Sea salts, black pepper and the ashes from our ritual burning of sacred holy wood, White Sage, Dried Lavender & Rosemary. A Tourmaline crystal that has been smudged during the ritual of making the black salts. then cleansed & charged in our beautiful Selenite bowls 


Our Black salts are made during each new moon phase, Setting strong intentions and using the energy of the new moon plus the power of Mother earth our salts are left out overnight for purification.


Why New Moon, I hear you ask?

The New moons recall the symbolism of the wombof Mother Earth and its immense protective power. Furthermore, the new moonis the bearerof the great power of purification and healing, soso it will also help us in case we want to use our salts for purification rites.


NB:There are no artificial colourings or additives. 


Why Wiccan Black Salts? 

Bad vibrations or negative energies can sometimes find their way into our homes and lives. Leading to unhealthy choices or or even depression. 


Black salts absorb all these negative energies & vibrations


How can I use them? 


  • Ward off bad spirits 
  • Protects from negative energies
  • Mitigates the effects of Mercury retrograde 
  • Place under the bed to protect you during Dreamtime 
  • Carry a small amount with you to repel negativity, jealousy and gossip 
  • Use in baths to rid your body of any negativity 
  • Protection, Spells + rituals 
  • Sprinkle at doorways + windows to protect your home


NB: Black salts will absorb and hold onto negative energies so therefore it is recommended that after use to discard by either burying into the ground, throwing into the wind away from you, some even prefer to flush the salts down the toilet. 

Wiccan Black Salts


    Our black salts come in a gorgeous glass jar, with an information sheet, small wooden scoop and a Black Tourmaline crystal ( that has been cleansed + charged )  inside.

    100g NET


    Black Salt Uses: 

    Protection, Cleansing, Rituals & Spells 


    Sprinkle where protection is needed ( doorways, windows, bath water for cleansing etc ) 



    Dead Sea salt, Pepper, Crystal, Sacred ashes from White Sage, Palo Santo Holy Wood, Natural botanicals Rosemary & Lavender ,Tourmaline Crystal (is used by those seeking to repel and change negative energies around them.)

    No artificial colours or ingredients. 

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