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Do you find it a bit hard keeping your smudge stick or tulip alight during longer smudge sessions?


If so then our white Californian sage leaves are what you are looking for, they stay alight longer and produce more smoke for ease of smudging, allowing you to take your time and to concentrate on your ritual.


White Sage:

Sage smudging is an ancient, Native American ritual of burning sacred plants to cleanse a space from negative energy. White sage generates wisdom and clarity, and promotes healing. Simply light the sage bundle. As it burns, the smoke spirals and wafts and begins to fill the space around you, cleansing and purifying. The smoke attaches to negative energies and as it begins to dissipate, it transforms those negative energies into universal energy. Express gratitude and set your intention for why you are burning sage. 

California White Sage Leaves

  • Our Californian white sage leaves come in a gorgeous glass jar. There is enough to fill a 11-12cm sized abalone shell three times, and depending on the size of your home or office you will get a few smudges out of each

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