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Our gorgeous double terminated crystal point pendants are all genuine crystals, that have been sourced from all over the world.


Double terminated points are shaped with a point at each end, allowing energy to flow both ways, this makes them great for healing and spiritual practises as they absorb energy from one point, transform it and then emanate to the other point.


These crystals are either naturally formed deep within the earth, or cut and polished to this shape.


Double terminated points are used for meditation, healing and cleansing, stress relief and relaxation, for crystal grids and manifestation.





Double Terminated Crystal Point Pendants

PriceFrom AU$14.99
  • Our crystal pendants and Strawberry quartz weigh approx 5gms and measure 400mm in length.

    Our Agate pendants weigh approx 5gms and measure 450mm in length 

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