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What are wax melts?

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

This is a question that is quite often asked, so i thought i would give a little insight here.

Wax melts are pretty much in essence - a wick less candle.

Scented wax melts usually come in, but are not limited to a six pack breakaway clam shell mould ( as pictured below ) that allows you to easily break off a square or two and place them into your tealight burner and / or your electric melt warmer.

For this blog we will assume you are using a tealight burner.

Either one of our ceramic ones, or maybe yours is designed a little different, but serves the same purpose

Wax melts whether they come in a six breakaway mould, a tart, or perhaps just small little moulds, they are scented wax that you melt in your warming device ( Tealight or electric ) and once the wax is melted it releases a strong and consistent aroma that will last anywhere from hours to days, depending on the strength of the fragrance in the melt you are melting, as some fragrances are stronger than others.

How do melts work?

Wax melts work by releasing the fragrance oil from the wax once it has melted and heated up

How do I use them?

You just place a square or two, depending on the depth of your bowl, in your burner as you don't want it to spill over while it is melting, so if you are unsure start by using one square and see the level once it has melted.

Trim your tealight wick slightly for a clean even burn, try and use natural soy wax tealights where possible, as most store bought tealights will be made of paraffin which can be toxic to burn, but will explain this in further detail shortly …Also you want to use the 4 hour tealights that are designed to only burn for that amount of time, using any larger can cause your burner to overheat and may cause it to crack, causing damage or injury..

It is also recommended not to burn any candle longer than 4 hours at any given time.

Before lighting your tealight candle, you want to make sure to place your burner on an even sturdy bench in an area that is away from curtains or anything that is flammable, and that is up away from children and animals, so nowhere it could start a fire or will get knocked over etc.

Let it do its magic, by filling your home with a beautiful fragrance of your choice, but never leave a naked flame unattended, so please extinguish if you intend leaving, and re light once you have returned.

After the 4 hour period your tealight will go out by itself, but please leave the burner to cool before touching! as they can get quite warm to touch. Once the burner has cooled down, the wax will cool and set hard once again, ready for the next time you wish to use.

You will get a few burns from the same wax, and won't need to change it until you can no longer smell the fragrance whilst it is burning. In this case again waiting until candle is extinguished, and wax has set hard, you can then remove the wax and replace with a new square or two from your clam shell.

Can I put water into my burner with my wax?

This answer is plain and simple.... NO...

Please never put water in your burner with your wax, this is dangerous and can cause the wax to spit and spray causing damage and / or injury!

Not all wax melts are created equal

If you are going to burn wax melts or candles, please choose only natural waxes where possible, as these are the safest for not only you but also the health of your children and animals.

Here at 'Ever After Melts' we only produce natural ingredients in our products,

Our wax melts & candles are all made with only natural soy wax, this means it is from a natural product - the Soy bean, which is also vegan friendly and cruelty free,

and here is why.....

Most candles & wax melts that are in the stores today are mostly made from Paraffin.

Paraffin wax -

Is made from the waste products left over from crude oil when producing petroleum, the highly toxic leftovers and it doesn't stop there. These waste products are so dirty they are then made more toxic by using bleach to turn them white. Not any bleach like you would use at home with say 5 - 10% strength …this is 100% bleach; which is highly toxic in itself.

There are many side affects from paraffin based wax products -

including headaches, nausea, respiratory disease, digestive disorders and many more.

Do not be fooled - paraffin is toxic.

Whether it's disguised with the prettier name of mineral wax or softened with the title of "food grade paraffin" it shouldn't be breathed in If you are going to use wax melts stick to natural based waxes such as soy wax, coconut wax or beeswax based products.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, if you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to message,

Much love xo


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