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Welcome to
Ever After Melts
- Hand Poured Artisan Melts & Candles

Angel Created.. Mother Approved

For as long as I can remember... as a small child growing up - watching my mother create her very own perfume fragrances by blending half empty bottles of fragrances of choice into one and then pouring into atomizers to make her very own blended scents. I remember trying to make a perfume for my mother when I was about 7 years old-- one that I thought she would love! I used fresh rose petals I had gathered, and using water i had tried infusing everything together to make Mum a beautiful Rose scented fragrance. I must admit it really didn't work, as it all turned to mush, but Mum told me it was beautiful just the same, and that she loved it. 


Mum continued making her own scents and the house always smelt so beautiful... warm memories I will cherish forever.


In 2018, my beloved Mother passed away at 84 years young, My world was empty. I missed Mum dearly. Not long after, I decided that I wanted to do something in her honor-- something she would love-- something that would help to make her memory live on, and what better way to honor those memories of my Mother then to start making my very own Melts and Candles using different fragrances from around the world and blending them into the one unique gift; to burn and bring back all those beautiful memories.


At the end of 2018 ' Ever After Melts - Artisan Melts & Candles '  was created  in honor of my beloved Mother Colleen.


I miss you Mum xo 


- Angel Created Mother Approved

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Marble Surface


1934 - 2018

With Mum on my my wedding day 
22nd March 1997
Campbelltown Catholic Church, Nsw

To the world I am fine.
But when I'm alone,
I am the real me.
I'm heartbroken and I miss you.
You were a part of my life,
my very being, and you will
always be in my heart.
Oh how i love you so

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